Weld Mount

Weld Mount adhesively bonded fastening systems

With immediate effect Koemmerling provides the Weld Mount System. Weld Mount is a unique line of fasteners and adhesives designed to be adhesively bonded to almost any substrate.

Wire tie mounts, hose and cable clamps, studs, standoffs and floating nut plates are only some of the wide variability of mounting solutions we offer. All fasteners are mounted with the appropriate non-sag adhesives which hold the parts in place on a vertical or overhead surface. It’s a system easy to install without extensive training, eliminating high costs associated with welding, or drilling and tapping.


Typical Applications

Cushion Clamps & Studs, Metal Bonding, Wet Fiberglass, Accessory Mounting, Blower / Vent Attachment, Battery Cables, Crane Surface Mounting, Overhead / Underdeck, Pumps / Panels Mounting, Emergency Vehicle Mounts, Mounting to Powder Coat, Hydraulic Lines on Standoffs, ...


Produktübersicht Weld Mount Befestigungselemente
Product overview Weld Mount Fastening System
Features and Benefits
  • Eliminating damage
  • Less expensive labor, reduces tool and consumable costs
  • Can be mounted in difficult vertical or overhead locations
  • Eliminate safety review and fire watch requirements


Further information as well as brochures and data sheets can be found on http://www.weldmountsystems.eu/