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Vehicle Repair

KÖMMERLING offers a large programme of adhesives as well as sprayable and brushable sealing compounds in OEM quality. When chassis repairs are performed, this makes it possible to recreate the original structure in the areas of fold/seam sealing, grooves, edges and underbody protection. The numerous products cover a wide variety of applications and structures and can be overpainted immediately after the sealing is finished.


Seam Sealing / Underbody Protection

Underbody protection serves to conserve the underbody against rust and stone chipping. To provide protection against corrosion, however, welding seams and overlaps on front and rear aprons as well as the boot, the passenger cabin and the wheel housing must be sealed durably. Optimal protection is provided by the KÖMMERLING products on the basis of silane-terminated polymers. They can be brushed on or sprayed on.

  • Silane-terminated polymers: Körapop 215, Körapop 217, Körapop 316

Structural Bonding

With the help of structural adhesives, add-on components such as spoilers, aprons, trims, etc. can be bonded durably and reliably with the chassis. In addition, KÖMMERLING also has special products for plastic repair, e.g. for bumpers or exterior mirrors, in its comprehensive product portfolio.

  • 2-component polyurethanes: Körapur 784, Körapur 790

Sealing and Bonding

For a great diversity of applications, KÖMMERLING offers a large product programme of elastic polyurethane and silane-terminated adhesives and sealants. Top quality and multi-functionality as well as optimal processability of the products enable numerous application possibilities in the area of vehicle repair.

  • 1-component polyurethanes: Körapur 030, Körapur 125
  • Silane-terminated polymers: Körapop 220, Körapop 225, Körapop 240

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