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State-of-the-art glass architecture with H.B. Fuller | KÖMMERLING

Glass façades have evolved into a multifunctional and highly complex building component. They perform numerous tasks such as thermal and sound insulation, sun protection or light control. Nowadays they are also used for energy generation and as a media, interactive platforms. H.B. Fuller | KÖMMERLING is constantly researching new adhesive and sealant solutions for innovative glass façades and is implementing them with leading international architectural designers and engineering companies. H.B. Fuller is one of the global market leaders in adhesives and sealants and the world’s largest supplier of adhesives for glass applications.

Longterm tight edge seal as the basis for sustianable construction with glass

First-class warm edge

The innovative KÖDISPACE 4SG spacer system for insulating glass offers the highest energy efficiency and maximum service life with a truly distinctive appearance. This warm edge system is the perfect solution for energy-efficient, sustainable glass architecture.

Visually sensational

As the frame colour of the window is reflected, KÖDISPACE 4SG appears almost invisible. Nothing reflects or glares unaesthetic as with conventional spacers. Moreover, the warm edge system sits absolutely parallel – even in triple glazing, curved shapes or oversized windows.


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State-of-the-art Glass Facades with Structural Glazing

Structural glazing for unique glass façades

In structural glazing, the glass elements are bonded to a supporting structure. The high-performance adhesives from H.B. Fuller | KÖMMERLING stand out with their exceptional mechanical strength combined with excellent elasticity.

Warm edge system for structural glazing façades

KÖDISPACE 4SG is an extremely robust and resilient warm edge system for multiple glazing, which is ideally suited for use in structural glazing façades. The additional chemical bonding to glass and silicone edge sealant creates extremely tight and durable gas-filled glass façades.

Meets the highest demands

Modern architecture often places extreme demands on the long-term energy efficiency and gas-tightness of insulating glass units – for example, when insulating glass is cold bent. KÖDISPACE 4SG compensates occurring deformations in the edge seal. The warm edge system therefore guarantees permanent gas tightness even with curved insulating glass units.


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The façade as a supplier of electricity

Alongside the energy efficiency of a façade, energy generation is a forward-looking topic in architectural design. Similar to insulating glass, solar panels can also be produced with the elastic edge seal from H.B. Fuller | KÖMMERLING. The company has also been implementing solutions for load-bearing bonding for building-integrated photovoltaics (BiPV) for many years.


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Media façades with H.B. Fuller | KÖMMERLING

Embedding LEDs in laminated glass creates an innovative high-tech product capable of transforming buildings into media screens. An active media façade also offers space for information and active architainment (architecture + entertainment).


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Newyork2 Klein Landscape

Glass architecture contributes to redensification in New York's Manhattan borough

Energy-efficient Warm Edge system enhances living spaces with a view. Large-scale structural glazing façades not only distinguish commercial buildings but are also used increasingly for residential properties.  A special project has now been completed in the New York borough of Manhattan. In the insulating glass, the highly efficient Warm Edge system from manufacturer H.B. Fuller | KÖMMERLING ensures low energy costs and a comfortable living environment.

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The LG Science Park with the Ködispace 4SG warm edge system

Korea’s largest research laboratory dazzles with sustainable glass architecture. The globally active LG Group has bundled its research and development departments in the western end of the Seoul metropolis amongst its millions of inhabitants.

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Double-curved glass construction in Munich

In structural glazing, the glass elements are bonded to a supporting structure. The advanced adhesives from H.B. Fuller | KÖMMERLING stand out with high mechanical strength combined with outstanding elasticity.

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Warm edge for a shopping mall in Melbourne

The bold flowing glass-and-steel roof of the Chadstone Mall in Melbourne is the project’s hallmark. The three-dimensional form supports 2,672 cold-bent insulating glass units using the KÖDISPACE 4SG thermoplastic spacer as a warm edge system.

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Building integrated photovoltaics in Stuttgart

A purely bonded photovoltaic façade with a screen printing pattern was created at the Züblin Z3 building in Stuttgart. Thanks to a special structural glazing adhesive, the elements fit harmoniously into the architecture without any additional mechanical fixing.

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Structural glazing façades in Finland

At the Serlachius Museum in Gösta, the wooden and glass façade integrates with the surrounding nature to create a truly unique landscape. The structural glazing façades uses the KÖDISPACE 4SG warm edge system, which easily withstands the extreme thermal loads.

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"The expansion of the Serlachius Museum Gösta, Finland combined highest energy efficiency with extraordinary design. The Ködispace 4SG warm edge system easily fulfils these requirements. Ködispace 4SG, with ist chemical bond to glass is also extremely robust, resilient and durable. The perfect solution for challenging glass architecture and for us always the best choice for structural glazing projects."


Pasi Kankaanpää, Production Manager at Seloy Oy,
insulating glass manufacturer from Huittinen, Finland 


Consulting, calculations and support

With decades of experience in the field of sealants and adhesives, H.B. Fuller | KÖMMERLING provides first-class consulting expertise – from the first sketch to support with approvals in individual cases to the final implementation of the glass solution.



Finite Element Analysis (FEA)

H.B. Fuller | KÖMMERLING supports its partners in the development, dimensioning and calculation of complex geometries for façade and glass solutions. In addition to experimental component tests, H.B. Fuller | KÖMMERLING also deploys resilient finite element simulations.


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Innovation through teamwork

Innovative architectural and building products can only be brought to life through a successful collaboration of project partners. For decades we have been developing our portfolio of adhesives and sealants together with leading architectural and engineering firms, renowned industrial companies and international universities – to support the development of sustainable and contemporary architecture made of glass.

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