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A new revolution in glass lamination

Functional glass surfaces for architecture, security technology,
automotive and home appliances

Smart glass is the future trend: The laminated glass surfaces combine transparency and outstanding design with exceptional functional properties and are used in a wide variety of industries. With our unique range of LOCA (Liquid Optical Clear Adhesives) and in cooperation with our application partner TTEC Glass Solutions GmbH, we have developed ground-breaking manufacturing processes for the lamination of glass. This includes lamination with alternative substrates and the embedment of smart components such as LEDs, display components and dynamic functional films. The safe and innovative production processes enable a wide range of additional functions to be encapsulated between glass. Once combined with the versatility of wet chemistry this opens up almost limitless potential for innovative laminated glass design. Enhancing performances in safety, security, structural and well being functions throughout architectural, automotive and home appliance applications.

“We are convinced that the use of Liquid Optical Clear Adhesives offers tremendous opportunities in a wide variety of applications. The potential to implement functions, safety and security features and decorative elements in transparent surfaces results in many new approaches to solving challenges.”


Dr. Christian Scherer, Head of Business Development Glass


Architecture: Design freedom and functionality

The world of architecture and design benefits from enormous freedom with LOCA: Thanks to cold-bent glass, the construction of flat rectangular fenestration dissolves into organically flowing forms and curved building lines. Embedded printed glass for indoor and outdoor applications enables new visual effects and design possibilities. Innovative media façades bring large scale information, entertainment and lighting to expansive building surfaces. Security glass, for instance for staircases, balustrades or skywalks, opens up previously unimagined views and new spatial perspectives. At the same time, the variety of additional functions in glass is constantly evolving, for example through switchable glass, increased UV protection, sound reduction and building-integrated photovoltaics (BIPV).


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With a surface area of 1,200 m², the Cube at the Coex Cinema in Seoul, South Korea, is one of the largest media façades to have been created with LOCA. The premiere of the “Avengers: Infinity Wars” film was even broadcast on this exterior façade. LEDs are integrated into the transparent laminated glass. The glass elements were processed into an insulating glass unit and used as a structural element in the façade.

Security technology: Glass for highest requirements

Glass which needs to be especially resistant to external damage can be made significantly thinner and more lightweight with LOCA than conventional security glass. Security glass laminated with LOCA is used to enhance attack resistance on buildings, for heavy duty protective vehicle screens, for machine protection in industry as well as for bullet and explosion resistance – in other words, wherever the highest safety and security requirements apply.



  • Integration of multiple functions
  • Extremely lightweight and thin security glass
  • Absolutely transparent and crystal clear

Well being

  • Smart home interior
  • Sound proofing and UV protection
  • Decorative glass



  • Minimal energy consumption in production
  • Minimal waste
  • Less material used

Automotive: Mobility with the highest of standards

Design, integration of functions and digitalisation – these are the areas where LOCA and smart glass show their strengths in the automotive sector. Windows and mirrors transform into digital info boards for drivers and passengers or increase vehicle comfort as switchable glazing. Decorative applications on glass and polycarbonate surfaces set design accents both inside and outside expanding new design possibilities for lighting and displays.

Using LOCA technology, H.B. Fuller | KÖMMERLING is uniquely positioned to bring such concepts to life, while making a significant contribution to the important issues of safety, security and weight reduction.

“Our highly innovative LOCA technology enables our partners in the automotive sector to incorporate futuristic smart glass functions integrating glass and decorative surfaces. With a focus on process development, TTEC Glass Solutions GmbH is a key partner in transforming these concepts into reality – from prototype construction to large-scale production.”


Christoph Müller, Business Manager Electronics & Energy EIMEA, Engineering Adhesives

Home Appliances: Added value through smart glass

Functional glass surfaces can be integrated wherever displays and control panels are used in the home. Displays and touchscreens of all types ensure added value with LOCA, whether for household appliances, multimedia or smart home controls. There are no limits to the inspiring and surprising design possibilities in the field of interior design.




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Innovation through teamwork

Innovative solutions can only be developed through the successful interaction of project partners. For decades, we have been advancing our portfolio of adhesives and sealants with leading architectural and engineering firms, renowned industrial companies and international universities – for innovative and sustainable glass applications.

Our partners

“At our new LOCA Technology Center we can not only demonstrate the various product applications and processing, we also work with our customers to develop the complete end-product, including the associated manufacturing concept, right through to series production.”


Bernd Therre, Founder and Managing Director of TTEC Glass Solutions GmbH.
Partner in the development of LOCA and the establishment of the LOCA Technology Center