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Laminate Glass

For more than 25 years, KÖMMERLING has been offering a high-performance range of cast resins for the production of laminate glass systems which were developed for special glass applications.

Holistic glass design that fulfils the high requirements on static stability and safety is often found in architecturally sophisticated objects such as glass bridges, stairs, showrooms and balustrades. KÖMMERLING supports the planning and realisation of such special solutions with its team of experts.

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Ködiguard cast resins have been developed especially for the production of laminate glass with security-relevant properties.

By injecting the transparent Ködiguard cast resin between 2 flat glass panes, a laminated safety glass (LSG) pane is created which not only provides optimal protection against break-ins or shootings, but also significantly reduces the risk of injury in case the glass breaks.

  • Ködiguard range

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Since noise pollution is constantly increasing in our surroundings, soundproofing is becoming ever more important in addition to the security-relevant properties of windows.

KÖMMERLING offers bespoke Ködiphone cast resins for the production of laminate glass with soundproofing properties, which is used primarily in private residences, office buildings and hotels.

  • Ködiphone range



Media Functionality

KÖMMERLING has developed a special cast resin for the production of laminate glass with multimedia properties. By embedding LEDs into the laminate glass, an innovative high-tech product is created that can transform buildings into monitors and thus into an active media façade, which in addition to offering room for information also offers a space for active architainment (architecture + entertainment).

In addition, the laminate glass produced with Ködilan LED has excellent soundproofing and security-relevant properties – both of which are key properties that are becoming ever more important for modern architecture.

  • Ködilan LED

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