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Façades have a major impact on modern architecture and characterise the exterior of a building as much as its form: The façade is the face of a building.

In addition to fulfilling aesthetic demands, as technically smart systems they must also fulfil a number of construction-relevant functions and be resistant against extreme climate influences. These goals are achieved with KÖMMERLING adhesives and sealants.

Metal Sandwich panels samples in vector for roof & walls

Sandwich Manufacturing

Sandwich elements and composite boards are becoming ever more important in the construction industry. They are lightweight, firm, highly resilient and provide very good insulation.

Conventional joining methods in sandwich manufacturing such as riveting or screwing result in damage to the thermal insulation or the components through deformation or corrosion. The use of adhesives prevents this. Quite on the contrary: they actually increase rigidity, decrease panel weight and help to improve insulation.

Due to the multitude of material combinations and the wide variety of application technologies, bonding systems used for this purpose must fulfil very individual requirements. This is why KÖMMERLING offers a broad product portfolio of adhesives.

  • 2-component polyurethanes: Körapur 643, Körapur 672, Körapur 863
  • Solvent-based adhesive: Köratan WS 703

Mounting and Sealing

Elastic EPDM membranes are very UV-resistant, age-resistant and have long-term impermeability to wind and wetness. They are therefore increasingly used for sealing building interiors and exteriors.

KÖMMERLING offers modern bonding systems for the mounting of EPDM membranes or profiles for securely sealing building connections. Make use of our decades of expertise in combining EPDM with substructures commonly used in construction.

  • Solvent-based adhesives: Köratan UK 996, Köratan UK 998, Köratan UK 1000

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