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The wide range of applications for coil coating laminates requires extremely individual adhesive systems. With its decades of expertise in this area, KÖMMERLING is the right partner at your side.

Coil Coating

Coil Coating, also called continuous metal coil coating, is a process for coating steel or aluminium coils. If plastic film (such as PVC film) is used for coating, the result are composite materials, so-called coil coating laminates, which have numerous uses.

Application Areas

  • Façade construction
  • Household appliances, such as washing machines, microwave ovens, refrigerators, etc.
  • Garage doors
  • Cover panels (e.g. lifts)
  • Furniture industry
  • Cold rooms, refrigerated trucks
  • Conveyor belts
  • Brake pads
  • Hovercrafts


Film Lamination

KÖMMERLING offers a broad range of adhesives for continuous film lamination using the coil coating process. Irrespective of the area of use – interior or exterior applications, decorative or functional areas of use – coil coating adhesives from KÖMMERLING have excellent adhesion on a wide variety of metal surfaces. Due to modern manufacturing processes, they also make a valuable contribution to environmental stewardship.

  • Köratac FL range


Functional Coatings

For decades, functional coil coating bonding agents for various metal substrates have proven their value globally on millions of square metres. Whether polar or non-polar plastics – KÖMMERLING has high-performance solutions for most application areas.

  • Köratac HL range


Rubber-Metal Bonding

KÖMMERLING offers a broad range of bonding agents for metal-elastomer compounds which fulfil the highest requirements, for example in the automotive, avionics and electronics industry, and which can be applied in either a one- or a two-layer process. High-performance aqueous bonding agents for the production of brake pads round off the product programme.

  • Cilbond range

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