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Ködispace 4SG ensures permanent gas tightness

Melbourne: Warm Edge for cold bent glass

Modern glass architecture places extreme demands on the permanent energy efficiency and gas-tightness of the insulating glass. Ködispace 4SG is a tried-and-tested, high-performance warm-edge system that is ideal for demanding structural glazing projects - such as the impressive Chadstone shopping mall in Australia.

On the fine line between form and function, glass facades today have to blast seemingly irrefutable physical boundaries. What is already feasible is shown by the boldly flowing glass-steel roof of the Chadstone mall in Melbourne. The three-dimensional shape of the more than 7,000 square meter roof construction results from steel knots, rods and edge beams. They carry 2,672 cold-bent insulating glass units with the thermoplastic spacer Ködispace 4SG as a warm-edge system.

Not a single one of the 1.2 to 8 sqm insulated glass units is identical to one of the others, as each one has to adapt differently to the organic shape of the building. For this purpose, the 39 mm thick, double-insulating glass was cold bent and fixed in their respective profile during installation. Cold bending also deforms the edge bond, which can easily lead to leaks in the space between the panes of conventional spacers. The warm edge with Ködispace 4SG, on the other hand, compensates for the deformations significantly better than rigid spacer systems, as the reactive polyisobutylene chemically bonds both to the glass surface and to the silicone sealant, thereby “blending” the entire edge bond to form a flexible and resilient unit.

The high load capacity of the spacer was demonstrated by experimental component tests as well as by finite element simulations. Thus, Ködispace 4SG ensures excellent long-term stability and permanent gas-tightness even with curved insulating glass units.

Bildnachweis: Kömmerling Chemische Fabrik

Not a single one of the 1.2 to 8 sqm insulated glass units is identical to one of the others, as each one has to adapt differently to the organic shape of the building.

Chad progress

In the flowing glass roof of the Chadstone Mall in Melbourne, the flexible warm edge system with Ködispace 4SG ensures that the cold-bent insulating glass is permanently gas-tight.

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About the Kömmerling Chemische Fabrik GmbH

Since 2017, the Kömmerling Chemische Fabrik GmbH has been part of the US H.B. Fuller | KÖMMERLING Adhesives Group. The world’s largest supplier of adhesives and sealants for insulating glass applications therefore has significant expertise in this area, which is constantly being advanced at H.B. Fuller | KÖMMERLING at its German site in Pirmasens through research and new fields of application. With its three business units – Engineering Adhesives, Construction Adhesives and Hygiene, Health and Consumable Adhesives – H.B. Fuller | KÖMMERLING covers a wide range of high-quality adhesive and sealant applications that are used in a variety of industries such as electronics, hygiene, medicine, transportation, construction and renewable energies. The international group generates sales of close to 3 billion US dollars and has 6,500 employees serving customers in more than 125 countries.

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